Platinum Surgery Center

Platinum Surgery Center (PSC) was incorporated as a limited company in October 2018 and approved as a level 4 hospital by the Medical and Dentists practitioners’ board. This means that we comply with the high standards set by this organization to deliver safe, high-quality patient care.


To provide cost effective patient-centered healthcare with excellence in quality, service, and access.


To be a facility of choice for ambulatory and short stay surgical services in the region.



PSC, is a surgical facility that specializes in elective same day or short stay surgical procedures, thus enabling patients to save time and costs. PSC is located at Argwings Kodhek Road, Hurlingham. Surgical procedures are performed here in a safe and comfortable setting using state-of-the-art equipment and the newest surgical techniques.

PSC features two operating rooms, a spacious pre-operative and recovery area, a large and comfortable waiting room and plenty of convenient parking. Our expert staff is committed to providing quality and professional care. We strive to make your experience at the PSC a positive one, providing you with the best surgical care available.

Our Departments

Short Stay Unit

Operating Theatres

Inhouse Pharmacy

Inhouse Laboratory

Why Choose Us

Platinum Surgery Center’s (PSC) premier flagship surgical specialty services are aesthetic (Cosmetic) surgeries. Dr. Abdullahi Adan and his staff provide a patient-centered surgical facility focused on individualized, premium care both pre- and post-operatively.

The caring staff at PSC understands the concerns you have in finding the right surgeon and right procedure for you and are available to guide you through the process before and after surgery.

Having previously performed hundreds of cosmetic surgeries you can be assured when choosing Dr. Adan as your surgeon you are choosing an experienced and caring surgeon with surgical outcomes that have been proven to meet or exceed expectations.

Facelift to rhinoplasty, to breast augmentation with implants or your fat and breast reduction with lift, tummy tuck with liposuction as well as 360 liposuction and liposculpture to Bazillian Butt Lift are common regular routine procedures. FGM reversal, clitoral reversal procedure is routinely performed here at PSC, and we can proudly say the highest number of reversal corrective clitoral restorative procedure anywhere in the world is performed here in Kenya at PSC by Dr. Adan.

Hand surgery, Burns surgery, and brachial plexus (Nerve injuries of the upper limbs) and microvascular surgeries are other procedures performed. Difficult to heal chronic wounds are professionally attended to, to achieve swift healing and closure.

PSC has acquired the latest refined plasma technology device, the j plasma that tightens the skin of either tummy or arms after lipomatic liposuction. PSC is the first to acquire and provide J- plasma in sub-Saharan Africa.

Other devices used are the Vaser lipo device and lipomatic Euromi evasp6 nutational infrasonic liposculpture device.-a first in Kenya.

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