Platinum’s Facelift

Platinum’s Facelift

Platinum’s Facelift

As the years go by and the signs of age change the face, sagging jowls, sunken cheeks, and wrinkles can become a concern for those who want to turn back the clock and see their younger self in the mirror again. A deep plane facelift in Platinum Surgery is an answer to these concerns, as it achieves tighter, more elastic skin and defines the features. Of the different types of facelifts, the deep plane facelift is arguably the most effective, dramatic procedure. This facelift technique leaves the skin firmer, smoothes wrinkles away, contours the jawline, and more youthfully refines the facial features.


A facelift can take years off your face, effectively restoring a more youthful appearance. While surgical treatment doesn’t stop aging altogether, we can certainly prolong your youth and stave off the signs of aging for a long time to come. This is accomplished through fine incisions around the hairline and pulling the skin upwards and trimming excess tissue. This procedure tightens your skin over your face, improving facial contours and removing wrinkles.


At Starkman Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery, we adopt a highly personalized approach to mini facelifts, tailoring it to your individual requirements. No two surgical procedures are identical, so your consultation with Dr. Starkman will provide an exact plan of treatment. Our accredited surgical facility has caring staff who gladly answer all your questions and concerns before or after the procedure.



The deep plane facelift moves beyond the superficial tissues to reposition some of the deep structures under the skin, called the Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System (SMAS). This firm and fibrous network runs under the skin but over the facial muscles, forming the framework of the face. When the SMAS is tightened, the results are significant and long-lasting.


The ideal candidates for a facelift are individuals in their early 30s or 40s who are experiencing early signs of aging. However, you can also consult Dr. Abdullahi Adan if you’ve started noticing a loss of definition around your jawline in your late 20s. Some of the most common reasons for a mini facelift include loss of jawline definition, the formation of jowls, sagging skin, or hollow cheeks. Mini facelift patients should also be in good general health, and they should avoid smoking.


The following are some of the key benefits of mini facelift surgery:

  • Excellent alternative for a traditional facelift for individuals with early signs of aging
  • Relatively non-aggressive procedure that leads to minimal scarring
  • All incisions are placed in non-visible areas of the face, such as the hairline and behind the ears
  • Facial contouring that tightens skin, leaving it without wrinkles or lines
  • Relatively quick recovery
  • Results last from 5 years to a decade, turning back the clock on aging
  • Natural-looking results that improve your appearance without obvious signs of manipulation
  • Dr. Starkman ensures the procedure is completely safe, and there are no infections


Dr. Adan’s facial rejuvenation focuses on lifting the muscular substructure of the face (“the SMAS”) to restore the beautiful bone structure of the jaw, cheeks, and neck. Dr. Adan is experienced in all facelift techniques, including short scar, deep-plane, SMASectomy, and SMAS plication.

There is no one “magic bullet” facelift technique that works for all patients. The specific technique he employs depends on the individual patient’s areas of concern.


After your mini facelift, your recovery period is shorter than what the recovery is for a typical facelift. The main portion of your recovery period takes about one week. During this time there will be swelling and bruising, which will begin to lighten up a few days after your surgery.

Swelling will be gone within 3-5 days, and you can expect to be mostly recovered in about 7-10 days. Most people can return to work by this time. However, wait to engage in strenuous exercise until several weeks have passed and you have the go-ahead from Dr. Starkman.


After a mini facelift, you will have a more contoured, sculpted, youthful-looking face. You will be able to enjoy smoother, tighter skin and fewer wrinkles. Your features will be subtly lifted to provide a natural-looking, renewed definition.

The results of a mini facelift are long-lasting, easily providing beautiful effects for ten years. After this time, your facelift may need an update to maintain your more youthful, firmer features.


The cost of your facelift will vary based upon the technique used. During your consultation, Dr. Abdullahi Adan will develop your custom treatment plan based upon your needs and goals. Once this is established, he can discuss cost estimates. To avoid results that look unnatural, it’s best to focus on finding an experienced surgeon, like Dr. Abdullahi Adan, instead of the cheapest price. At Platinum Surgery, we can help you find low-interest financing that will make your surgery easier to afford. An average cost of a facelift can range between $8,500 – $10,500.

The best technique for you will depend on your needs, goals, degree of skin laxity, and more. To produce the results you want, Dr. Abdullahi Adan will go over the different techniques during your consultation. He will then help you decide which technique is best for you.
While there are many great nonsurgical skin tightening procedures, these can only produce mild improvements. If you have moderate to severe skin sagging, a surgical facelift is the best choice to rejuvenate your appearance. During your consultation, Dr. Abdullahi Adan will discuss your options, including non-surgical treatments, to help you select what is best for your goals.
Injectable wrinkle fillers and relaxers, like Juvéderm and BOTOX, have become very popular to refresh the face. Sometimes known as a liquid facelift, injectable wrinkle treatments may be ideal for early signs of aging, but the results are temporary. A facelift can produce more dramatic improvements than injectables with results that last for a long time. Ask Dr. Abdullahi Adan about injectable treatments during your consultation.
Many patients worry that facelift surgery will make their skin look too tight, shiny, or like they visited a wind tunnel.Dr. Abdullahi Adan focuses on giving you a natural-looking result so you look refreshed, not fake. He listens to your needs and goals before developing your personal treatment plan with the technique that will produce your best results.
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