About Nanofat Grafting

Fat transfer (also known as fat grafting is a long lasting solution that restores natural-looking volume to the face, contouring the shape of the face, as well as improving skin quality. Facial fat grafting uses your body’s natural fat cells to fill in sunken cheeks, wrinkles, and laugh lines. Fat transfer injections have shown to have a beneficial, rejuvenating effect on ageing or damaged skin (sun damage, discolorations). Nanofat Cells within the fat grafts are capable of “repairing” damaged tissue and are presumed to stimulate the skin cells to produce substances that improve skin elasticity and deposition of essential structural proteins. It also has a positive effect on scars as it makes them less visible.



Fat Transfer Overview


When determining if undergoing facial fat grafting is right for you, Dr. Adan will examine your medical records and identify possible donor locations from which to extract fat cells from.

After fat transfer you can expect mild swelling and bruising around the donor site and treatment area. Depending on the extent of your procedure, these side effects may last for a few weeks. You can usually return to work and daily activities shortly after undergoing fat grafting. However, it is suggested that you get plenty of rest in the initial days of recovery.

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